Shrine Mont
Camps: 8-14
years old

At Shrine Mont Camps, get a taste of the adventure, friendship, learning, and wonder that campers for nearly 60 years have experienced on “the mountain.” Campers of a wide age range will be able to attend camp concurrently, with age-specific cabin assignments, small groups, and daily programming.


Every camper will have the opportunity to make art, participate in music and theater activities, explore nature, play games and sports, and grow in the body of Christ in each session of Shrine Mont Camp. Each session will also focus a bit more on one/two/three of these areas during camper choice periods, so campers will be able to choose the activities that are of interest to them! These "highlights" were chosen to include the traditions, programs, and histories of our various camps prior to COVID: Art Camp, Music and Theatre Camp, Explorers Camp, Sports Camp, and St. George's Camp.


Shrine Mont Camps: 14-17
years old

Older campers at Shrine Mont Camps are invited to spend ten nights “on the mountain” reuniting with old friends, making new ones, and learning about themselves and trying new things. We will explore themes of leadership, adventure, storytelling, service and vocation throughout the session. Each day will include both fun and silly “camp” programs as well as time where campers can go deeper into conversation, wondering, or imagination. 




The Great: 15-17 years old

Calling all adventurers! At “The Great,” campers age 15-17 go out into the world on extended overnight trips. We will explore the region, cook our own food, and set up our own shelter at night. No previous camping experience? No problem! Campers need to be able to carry a pack, walk for several miles, and be willing to push their comfort zone. 

What will you find at The Great? New friends, new adventures, and the joy and wonder of extended time in creation!



St. Andrew's: 8-13 years old

St. Andrew’s is a “family style” camp for younger campers who need higher levels of structure and one-to-one support. Campers at St. Andrew’s live in a Shrine Mont cottage and enjoy days filled with the same activities, games, and friendships one finds at all Shrine Mont Camps. Walks through the woods, trips to the pool, game time, daily chaplain’s and worship times are all part of the daily schedule - just on a smaller scale than our traditional camp model. 


This is a wonderful way for a camper to be introduced to an overnight camp, or for campers who otherwise would struggle in a bigger environment to have a wonderful experience!



St. Elizabeth's Campers: 14-25
years old

St. Elizabeth’s Camp serves campers age 14-25 with intellectual disabilities. Campers spend their days making new friends, playing games, enjoying daily chaplain and worship times, and much more! 


Volunteers participate in camp activities alongside the campers, and assist them as needed. Paid staff work to support the overall program, provide guidance to volunteers, and make sure everyone is safe.



Family Camp

At Family Camp, spend a long weekend enjoying the fresh mountain air, the afternoons at the pool, and tons of fun activities for people of all ages. 


At Shrine Mont Camps, all are welcome and “family” can look like more than one thing. Grandparents and grandchildren, couples, children with their grown-ups, and even solo campers all will find a variety of activities and new friends just for them. Come, bring your loved ones, and leave the cooking and organizing to us!