Summer 2021 FAQs

What is the status of Shrine Mont Camps in 2020?

After much study, prayer, and conversation, we made the difficult decision to suspend Shrine Mont Camps' normal operations for the 2020 season. You can see our announcement and thoughts about this summer here. We will be offering online programs and virtual reunions to help keep our community connected.

So, will Shrine Mont Camps do anything this summer?

Yes! We will be offering online programs and virtual reunions to help keep our community connected. We are especially excited to offer our at-home program called "Light in the Valley." Our reunions will be held online. We will have specific reunions for the different camps.  Please sign up for our newsletter to get updates, and follow us on social media (@shrinemontcamps on Facebook and Instagram). 

Do I get my money back?

Shrine Mont Camps is committed to refunding all balances and deposits paid. We are also asking families that if their individual circumstances allow, to consider transferring a portion or all of their paid tuition into a donation. This will allow us to cover some of the cost of the low to no-cost summer plans we have in the works for 2020. If your tuition was paid through a scholarship, that money will return to our or the church/organization's scholarship fund to be used in future years. If you registered for camp in 2020, please fill out this questionnaire to indicate to us your preference for refunds this year.

Does this mean Shrine Mont is closed for the summer?

Shrine Mont and Shrine Mont Camps are two separate entities, and both may take different directions this summer. Please see Shrine Mont's website for up-to-date information about their status this summer.

What about camp next summer?

That's our intention-- and we've already begun thinking about 2021! There are many things we do not know yet, so we will do the best with the information we have as we get it. Our main goal will be to return to the mountain for another wonderful summer in 2021.

I love Shrine Mont Camps and I want to see it continue for years to come. How can I help?

Donate what you can, either to the scholarship fund or to support this year's efforts to keep our camp family connected. Follow us on social media (@shrinemontcamps on Facebook and Instagram). Sign up for our newsletter. Come to camp in 2021!

This was supposed to be my camper's last year, is anything being planned for them?

We're thinking about how this impacts all our campers, and especially those for whom 2020 would have been their final year at a beloved camp. Currently no firm decisions have been made, but we are committed to honoring them and offering them special ways to be together with their camp community in the future. We'll continue to dream and plan, and will update families as soon as decisions are made!