Summer 2021 FAQs

What is the status of Shrine Mont Camps in 2021?

We are currently hiring for summer staff! Our summer camp dates can be found here, and registration will open on March 23. To learn more about registration, click here. Our program will include Family Weekends, Overnight Camp for campers age 8-17, and a series of online camp opportunities. 

Could this plan change?

Yes, it could. While we feel confident and enthusiastic about planning for our summer, we are also paying attention to many moving parts. We anticipate some things may change, but we are hoping they will be small. If things need to be adapted, we will communicate directly via our newsletter. Sign up for the newsletter here to get updates and announcements. 

Health/Safety Decisions

How will masks work?

Campers and staff will wear masks, most of the day. There will be periods of every day when masks won't be required, such as when campers are only with their own household or cabin. Campers will have a specified type and number of masks to bring to camp. Laundry will not be available for campers. 

What is your cleaning protocol for buildings and items at camp?

We are developing our summer safety plans currently, and will be tracking guidance from the Virginia Department of Health, the CDC, and the American Camping Association. As our summer plans are made we will share them with families. 

Program/Cabin Assignments

Why is there only one camp this year, instead of the separate programs (Art/Sports/StG's/etc)?

As we considered the practices and plans we would need to make to operate camp safely, it became clear that we were not going to be able to run our camps in the same way this summer. Running one strong camp will allow us to stay focused on creating a wonderful, safe experience for our campers. 

Will virtual campers and in-person campers interact with each other?

Not directly. Exploring how to build and care for community, even from a distance, will be a part of all our programming this summer. While each program will operate independently, there will be times for the different groups to share with each other, and with the broader Shrine Mont Camps family. 

Are cabins, cohorts, households grouped by age, or are campers of all ages mixed?

Cabins and households will be assigned by age group, but cohorts may include campers from a larger age range.

Will camps be traveling off-site for activities this year?

Camps will remain at Shrine Mont this summer.


Can I request that my children are in the same cabin or cohort with each other or other campers?

We are in process of determining our cabin assignment policy. Please contact Paris to share your input!

I love Shrine Mont Camps and I want to see it continue for years to come. How can I help?

Donate what you can, either to the scholarship fund or to support this year's efforts to keep our camp family connected. Follow us on social media (@shrinemontcamps on Facebook and Instagram). Sign up for our newsletter. Come to camp in 2021!



Will all of your staff be vaccinated? 

Vaccination does not play a strong role in our plans for 2021, primarily because it is still unclear how widely available they will be by the summer. We encourage vaccination, as a part of our overall safety plan. 

Will staff's time-off activities be limited in any way to ensure safety?

We are making plans that will allow our staff to be as safe as possible this summer, including the policy that all staff remain on-site from the start of their employment through their last day. We will work hard to take care of our counselors this summer, and will be providing a number of ways to give them rest and recreation at Shrine Mont.